Network-based ASEAN Languages
Translation Public Service


Project Tiltle

Network-based ASEAN Languages Translation Public Service

Project Description

Building a practical network-based service on ASEAN languages text translation in the tourism domain. ASEAN languages resources and knowledge of the translation technology are availably shared among ASEAN member states and other countries.

Problem to be addressed

The communication among people in the ASEAN region is unavoidable. The significance of communication has increased gradually and will become extreme especially after 2015 when the ASEAN Community begins. The automatic machine translation (MT) system have become an important tool to facilitate the cross-language communication. Nowadays, MT systems among ASEAN languages mostly done via English are leading to several limitations, e.g. the information loss during the translation, the inefficient use of regional culture and traditions in the communication. Furthermore, some low-resource ASEAN languages are still excluded in the technology using in the MT system.

Objective and success criteria

a. Objectives
  1. Developing network-based ASEAN language machine translation for the public use particularly in the travel domain with an acceptable translation quality and response time.
  2. Sharing the language translation knowledge and resources among ASEAN countries.
  3. Connecting ASEAN people in the language communication and support the system to build the ASEAN Community integration aimed in 2015.
b. Success Indicators
  1. The availability of the ASEAN network-based machine translation service for the public use.
  2. The number of supported ASEAN languages
  3. The accuracy of translation.
c. Success Measures
  1. The ASEAN machine translation public service in the travel domain is available online with acceptable response time.
  2. Besides English, at least 7 ASEAN languages are supported in the service: Thai, Malay, Indonesian, Lao, Cambodian, Vietnamese and Myanmar.
  3. In the travel domain, at least 3 of 5 score of user satisfaction on the service is achieved.


  1. An ASEAN network-based machine translation public service.
  2. A website for ASEAN language translation knowledge and resource sharing.